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SERENITY men white undershirt

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SERENITY undershirt to avoid underarm sweat mark

SERENITY undershirt has been designed to manage the effects of normal and excessive underarm sweating. Sober, discreet, easy to wear, it avoids the transfer of humidity to external fabrics. It is the very effective solution to avoid the inconvenience of sweating without resorting to antiperspirants. Its mechanical action of absorbing sweat is durable over time, wash after wash. SERENITY has a double waterproof fabric in specific areas to prevent the appearance of annoying traces.

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For the production of the SERENITY t-shirt, we work with various family businesses engaged in the circular economy. Our weaving partner based in Moreuil produces us according to our specifications an organic cotton and elastane fabric. The part of the fabric used under the arms is laminated to make it waterproof at our partner based in Belgium. The labels and accessories are also made in France. To offer you a very high quality 100% French product, a long road is necessary, going from the prototyping of the undershirt to its manufacture and packaging in Renaison french office

SERENITY is 100% ORGANIC cotton fabric and made in FRANCE

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