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Disposable sweat shields (4 pack of 5 pairs)

The product history

Provide protection, comfort and insurance!

DAYDRY sweat shiels protect shirts against visible traces of perspiration under the arms. They reduce the feeling of humidity. Invisible under clothing and gentle on the skin, they ensure optimal comfort throughout the day. Sweating is a natural process that keeps your body temperature around 37 ° C. The perspiration in the armpits represents only 1% of the total quantity of sweat secreted, but this perspiration is annoying. Located in a poorly ventilated area, it leaves marks on clothing and becomes smelly.

Packaging : 4 Packs of 5 pairs of disposable sweat shields for 20 days of use


Absorbant nonweaven cotton - Absorbant air-laid paper - Film PE waterproof - Protective release paper - Adhesif Glue

How to use

The disposable sweat shiels sit astride the inside of the sleeve of your garment before putting it on, the smallest part towards the inside of the sleeve and the largest on the inside of the garment. Put on your garment then attach your patch following the instructions on the box.

Caution : Remove from clothing before washing. Do not use on wool products. Handling and storage The product should be stored in a dry place. Product features

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